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Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves: Expert Plays For No-Limit Tournaments

Mitchell Cogert


Beat the best by knowing the moves that make them the best.
Tournament poker is a fun way to win big money and be famous.
The problem is that no one is willing to share the moves that made the top poker pros millionaires.
Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves gives you 101 expert plays for no-limit tournaments.

It's the poker reference book that combines winning poker moves found in almost 20 years worth of poker materials, with plays uncovered in heads-up battles against poker pros.

* 40 pre-flop moves with the min-raise, isolation and squeeze
* 30 flop moves with the continuation bet, steal flops, and how to set a trap.
* 20 turn and river moves with action-inducing bet, scare card moves, and the naked Ace bluff.
* Winning plays for your head-to-head battle at the final table.

Step up to the poker table with confidence and an arsenal of winning moves.


The Poker Tournament Formula

Arnold Snyder


This is the first book to provide winning strategies for the small buy-in ($100 or less) no-limit hold'em tournaments that have exploded in poker rooms all over the country-and on the Internet. The strategies for small buy-in no-limit hold'em tournaments are similar to the big-money games, but the important factors-hand value, position, aggression and others, and speed of play-cause a radical change of strategy. Snyder recounts his own experience with these methods at a win rate of almost 300% and gives readers specific strategies for winning the big money available in prizes at the hundreds of small buy-in no-limit hold'em tournaments taking place weekly around the country and on the Internet.


Online Poker: Your Guide to Playing Online Poker Safely & Winning Money

Doyle Brunson


A fast and powerful way to win money online or play for free. Ten compelling chapters show you how to get started, explain the safety features which lets you play worry-free, and lets you in on the strategies that Doyle himself uses to beat players in cyberspace. Poker is poker, as Doyle explains, but there are also strategies that only apply to the online version, where the players are weaker! and Doyle reveals them all in this book.


Kill Phil: The Fast Track to Success in No-Limit Hold 'Em Poker Tournaments: Revised and Expanded Edition

Blair Rodman


Thanks to television, the internet, and the incredible popularity of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, when Kill Phil was first published in 2006, tournament poker had become the richest sport in the world. The problem was that no-limit hold 'em was dominated by a handful of experienced and skilled professional players. Kill Phil turned the tables on the pros by introducing a strategy that allowed even an absolute novice to compete against the best players in the world. The Kill Phil strategy remains highly effective when used in confrontations with even the world's best players, but tournament play is evolving. This revised edition reflects the new trends in tournament poker by refining the use of the all-in move and providing adaptations that take into account the new style of hyper-aggressive play. At its core, though, Kill Phil remains what it's been from the start - the best method possible for entering the exciting and potentially lucrative poker-tournament arena. As a special bonus, this new edition contains the complete set of strategies formatted as they appear on the Kill Phil strategy cards!


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