The strategy of not being rude to your competitors at the poker table

I am in love with poker just as much as I am in love with free roulette online games, its fun and many other things that add to the games excitement.

It is a game with a mix of various strategies ranging from loose, tight to aggressive and some are more variable in nature in mid-way of the tournament as there are numerous ways by which poker can be played.

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I do not endorse that some correct method exists.

My own option is simply going all out in the tournament. I have witnessed several kinds of strategies on the process of deployment and I regard each of them possesses negative and positive sides with a potential to be a winning strategy.

I believe that in different times there are different kinds of strategies to be put into effect. It depends on the ways the other players play. For instance, if the gamers at my table attempt to play tight and the situation is somewhat like what I mentioned, I may attempt to steal more blinds than I would do on normal occasions, that is I would definitely show my aggression in order to form my chip stack. The keyword at this context is flexibility that is altering strategies according to the situation. It does not mean that a particular method is wrong but it is about changing gears when you ought to do it simply for the purpose of winning the game.

A few days ago I was involved in a game of no freeze out consisting of twenty players. The small blind apparently dominated the big blind and criticized its bad call. The point at this context is in order to win in poker it is necessary that other players make bad calls. It is not possible to win money all the time as every time your strategy is not going to click. Besides the hands in the game of poker, there are percentages due to this reason. Moreover, at the time of commenting harshly on others, it may happen so that you lose your own concentration that resultantly lower the standard of your game playing.

It is but natural to love the moments when other players make bad calls. The chips could be always used by me. In the mentioned case, the small blind stood first in the tournament and I finished second! I would have loved to win overall but still I got hand on cash. When you are not too sure about your comments or the exact words to use in the chat box, it is a good ploy not to speak anything at all as it may help your opponents to gain an upper hand over you.

Another instance of playing a tournament of twenty made me laugh. A certain player A called another player by the name B - a bleeping fish! As a matter of fact both did not make money.

As a serious player you must always want bad calls to be made by other players as those give you edge in the competition by providing you with chips. But being unnecessarily rude to other players is certainly a wrong way to play the poker game.

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