Heads-Up Poker - Winning over Offensive Players


When it comes to playing different forms of poker, each one is different. If you are playing a form of poker called heads-up poker where in you are just playing one opponent, you should realize that it is not a very simple game although it looks very much so. Here you need to make proper decisions or else you might end up going down in the game. Remember, that is not just a game confined to the cards that you have been dealt in the game.

Playing heads up poker is like being in a relationship. Like in a relationship, you are bound to see one being dominant and the other a little docile. If both in the relation are the dominant type, the relationship is short lived. Similarly, in heads up poker, if both the players are the dominant type, the game ends very soon although it is exciting to the finish. But, if one is playing offensive and the other defensive, then the offensive player drives the other to submission.

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This brings in another factor for consideration. If you are a player that loves going on the offensive but are losing out to other players that play similarly, then what needs to be done to improvise your chances of a win? Each time you are raising the bets your opponent goes one up on you and raises the bet again. In such situations, what do you do? The key to this is to play a little tight all the while when continuing to remain on the offensive.

You might have heard of the necessity to play offensive in heads up poker. But, when you try to do just that you are still losing out on each game you have tried to raise the bets. In this scenario, as we told earlier, you need to play a little tight while continuing to play offensive. You need to recognize upon when you need to play offensive. Recognize and list out top ten starting hands in heads up poker and play when you have a starting hand featured in your list. The rest of the hands you can fold and this will help you maximize your chances when you are playing other players who are playing offensive.

If your opponent is a seriously offensive player, then you need to follow this strategy to improve your chances of a win. Only play on those hands that you know you have a good starting hand and you are sure you will even go all in if need be. This will help you in the play against other offensive players but it need not be used when your other player is playing a defensive game.

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