Poker Modifications - Necessity to Prosper

While playing poker, it is very important to have a very good game plan if you need to succeed. Also, you need to stick to this game plan to improve your chances of providing you with more success rates. But, if you fail to stick with this game plan, you are more likely to lose.

Along with having a good game plan, you need to look at how you can modify this game plan to make it all the more better and thus help improve your chances of winning at the game. But, while making these necessary modifications, you must have a thorough knowledge of the conditions that demand these modifications and understanding this will help you improve the win percentages and your bankroll to a huge extent.

So, how do you make the necessary modifications to your game plan to help improve your chances of success and profitability?

It is not necessary for you to be making the modifications all the time. If you are playing well and your opponents are playing bad, then you need not make any modifications. All you need to do is capitalize on the mistakes that they are making and increase the chances of success and profitability. This works well when you are playing just one opponent but when there are more opponents, it will not necessarily mean that you will reap all the benefits. So, even though you do not make any modifications, you still benefit although the benefits will significantly rise if you are making the modifications.

But, whatever modifications you need to incorporate need to be precise and correct or else you are more likely to lose from these adjustments rather than get the winning advantage. When you are making modifications, you need to remember that you are straying away from your normal track. But, if on the other hand, the other players are playing perfectly, you might not capitalize by making modifications to your game and if you are doing it, then it is more likely that the other players will be at the receiving end for profits.

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You need to have variations in your game plan to keep your opponents guessing and be unable to comprehend what you are trying to drive at. This kind of using variations is more likely to help you succeed, but you should be using these strategies at the proper time and the correct reasons. Let us now see how best to make modifications in specific conditions.

Opponent Folds on the River

If your opponent is one to fold very frequently on the river, your strategy should be to bluff almost always while ensuring that your opponent does not see his mistake and rectify it by calling more. On the other hand, if your opponent is the one to make calls on the river very frequently, you should avoid bluffing as much as is possible.

For Early Raises

If your opponent is going for an early raise and generally plays tight, your modification should be to fold those hands which you will believe is the least of strong hands using which you would have raised had you been in his place. But, on the other hand you are facing a loose player going in for an early raise, your modification should involve re-raising those hands which you believe is the least of strong hands using which you would have raised had you been in his place.

Strong Mouthed Losers

For those who are groaning every time they are losing, your modification should be to bet any hands that are slightly strong. You are more likely to win in such conditions as such opponents are least likely to bluff and are more probable to call while being the least likely to go for a raise even when they have a certain upper hand.

Value Betting

If you are winning more and appear to be more in command of the game, you should go in for value bets. But, on the other hand, you should avoid it at all costs if you are the one who is losing and there are other players who seem to be more in command of the game. In such situations, it is best you play as tight as possible and look for good strong hands to help you out.

Beware of the Players on your Left

One thing you need to be always aware of is that the players on your left have a positional advantage that they can always play with and have the ability to cause you more harm if they are able to play using offensive tactics and through deception and trickery. For such players, you need to bring in modifications in your game by checking and calling more often. You can also use the tactic of going for a re-raise occasionally but this might not always do the trick.

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