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Add-them-up Lowball –  Poker with a draw where the hand which has the lowest total points would win.

Back Door – When the last two cards are used a hand made back door is made, like in Texas Hold’em poker.

Cap – The cap is generally the limit placed on the number of raises in a particular round of betting in limit games.

Deuce to Seven – In any game played for low it would usually mean that the best low hand would be the worst hand.

 Equity – The share of the pot which is calculated on the basis of the amount in it and the chances for a hand to win it.

Feeler Bet – A tiny bet to get an idea of the strength of the hand or the tendency of the opponent to raise.

Golden Chairs – A player who has four cards and three cards on the table and the low card is generally played as a wild card.

Hidden Declarations– A rule in which the high low cards are to be declared after keeping different colored chips concealed in the hand.

In the Middle – Between two players who are raising, the position of the other players.

 Jacks to Open – a draw poker where jacks or better cards are needed to open.

 Kicker – A supporting card that is held with four of a kind, trips or a pair during a twist.

 Leak – The players that loose some part of the chips that they won due to their habits of gamb.

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 Mexican Stud – A five card stud where the cards are dealt face down and the players have an option to choose their hole cards.

 Nailing (Punctuating, Blistering, Jagging, Pegging, Indexing, Pricking) -  Technique used by a cheater to place marks on the cards using a device or a fingernail.

 One Eyes – Cards that have profiles and only show one eye (Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts, and the King of Diamonds).

 Pass the Trash (Garbage) – a high low game in which cards are to be exchanged by the players.

 Quorum – The number of players that are needed in order to start a game.

 Ribbon Clerk -  (1) A player who does not want to play for high stakes or at a fast pace. (2) A gambler who plays small games.

 Sequential Declaration – The last person to bet or raise would have to make his hand known in a high low type of poker game.

 Table Stakes – Game is which the player can only bet and raise the amount of chips that are in front oh him.

 Walk the Table – Winning the pot automatically with a certain hand.


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