Tips for women poker players on playing against men

Poker is no longer just limited to men. Women players are very common today and they are more than welcome at any poker venue. However, there are mostly men at most venues, and they can be quite tough on women players. Women who understand this can easily take advantage of this situation and men should know these facts and defend themselves.

Most of the successful women players are much more aggressive in comparison to male players. Successful women players are almost too aggressive at times, but they do find success by adapting to this particular style since it works well against most types of men players.

Aggression generally works in the favor of women because most men do react to it. Women can categorize men according to how they react to them at the table and then deal with them accordingly. One of the most common types of players is the chauvinistic guy.


These men think that women are quite weak and predictable, and that they play a very tight game. No matter what happens on the table they will not change their outlook. They believe that women are bad when it comes to poker and are very easy to read. They will generally think that if a woman raises or places a bet it is only because she has a very good hand and they would fold whenever an aggressive woman bets.

They also think that women do not have the ability to make good judgments. So if he thinks that he has a good hand, he would change his decision no matter what the woman does. One interesting fact is that chauvinistic men are generally very conservative players. This combination makes them easy targets for women who are smart and aggressive and they can easily take advantage of the situation.

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Playing against chauvinistic men

Most chauvinistic men will react aggressively when they play against an aggressive woman especially when they think that their hand is only the second best. They would try to dominate and intimidate the woman to try to win the hand. When they think that they have the best possible hand they would not play that aggressively. They react very predictably and tilt often.

Take an example where a chauvinistic player opens the game with a raise from an early position. The woman should in this case raise with most of her hands, even with a hand like 8d 5d is worth raising because this would help you gauge whether or not he has a strong hand. Since he opened from an early position and did raise, more often than not he would have either have a big pair or at least two strong cards. If she raises, he would definitely re-raise her. If on the flop something like 2c 10d As comes and he still bets, then the woman should fold right there.

But if the flop reveals cards like 4h 8c Jd and if he still bets then the woman should raise him. If he still re-raises then she can be quite sure that he has just two over cards and she would still have a better hand. But she should only call to encourage him to keep betting on the turn as well as the river. In such a situation the woman can be quite sure that hers would be the best hand. If no big cards are revealed even on the river than she can even raise to get more value on her cards.

With chauvinistic men this kind of behavior and tactics are quite common and thus very predictable. Women who play aggressively against such men and use the right tricks can get a lot of advantage in such situations.

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