Some of the best poker tips you would come across


1. When you are loosing a lot, do not panic. Simply leave the table for a while.

2. Only if you have the best possible hand should you expect to win, other than that does not have high hopes.

3. If you never try to outdraw the opening player you would win.

4. If you have a big hand bet as much as you can.

5. Do not use the same strategies throughout the game.

6. Do not let your face reveal anything, no matter what you feel inside do not let yourself show it.

7. Sit at a place where no onlookers would be able to watch your hand.

 8. Do not trust anyone while you are playing, not even your friends.

9. If you really want to win the game, give it all that you have got.

 10. Never sit down on your own to play a game in a poker room.

11. Read all the rules of the house before you start playing. The rules would generally be hanging in the room and you would come to know everything that you should know before you start the game.

 12. Choose your position wisely; try not to be at a location where you would have to be an early bettor since it has many disadvantages.

13. You must be able to conceal what you feel and at the same time be able to tell what your opponents are feeling.

14. Limit your raises pre flop, which would help you disguise your hand when you have a strong cards.

15. If you are seated in an early position play a very tight game since you never know how many bets or raises there would be through the game.

16. When you are opening a tight game you should try to steal the blinds or try to go heads up with a blind.

17. Sacrifice some of your early smaller bets rather than clashing against seasoned players.

18. Always keep your opponents guessing; never give them any clues about your hands or about your strategies.

19. Never mix poker and alcohol, the results can be disastrous. If you are playing in a high stakes game you do not want to be drunk enough to loose a fortune while playing. Even when you are in a casino, try to stay away from alcohol as much as you can.

20. Think twice before you place a bet. Do not bet outrageously, and when you bet make sure that you bet the right amount too.

21. There are a lot of people who loose all that they have playing poker and only a select few who make huge profits playing. Be very careful of your bankroll while you are playing and never gamble away your living expenses. Keep both totally separate.

22. Keep a habit of assigning your self a daily budget. Do not carry all your money to a casino; you might end up loosing it all in just one night. Its better still to have a single session budget, you do not want to get broke in just one poker session.

23. Set a goal for yourself, when you win somewhere between 50 to 100% of your bankroll in a single session then keep that money plus some of your profits aside and play only with the remaining money.

24. Be very disciplined with the game as well as your money. Come up with your own limits on wins as well as losses. Once you loose the money in your limit you should just walk away. If you do not do this you would just keep playing and keep loosing.

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