Basic Poker Player Actions

Remember, before you play slot, blackjack or poker or any other game you should check the rules and make sure you know what to do before you make a bet. The gamblers in all online casino poker games usually act one by one around the table. Prior the first bet is posted in round the players can choose to check (to pass the bet without posting any chips to the pot) or open round (which means to post the first bet). Then, according to most reputable gaming sites and  dmoz sites, the players may choose to call the previous bet by placing the same amount of chips into the game pot; or raise by increasing the previous bet; or just fold that means to forfeit the cards and loose interest in the pot. So, study all the poker player actions in details.



Opening betting is to make the first optional bet in the round. In the game variations with the blinds these compulsory bets open betting and the following gambler have choice to just call or raise the previous bet. There are different poker rules which dictate that the gambler, for example, is to hold some particular cards or post different amounts into the pot to open the round.


Poker player actions to call mean to match the previously posted raise or bet. As the game rules say every round of betting is ended as soon as all gamblers at the table have posted the equal sums to the pot after raises and re-raises. Several calls placed on one bet are called the overcalls. If the gambler who holds weak poker hand chooses to call this is called a crying call. At times the word “to see” may be applied meaning to call, that is why the sentence “I see you” means the same as ”I call”.

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If the betting hasn’t been opened the poker player may check. In fact it means that the poker player call the currant bet with zero. When the poker player checks he/she does not add the chips to the game pot but stays in the hand and it is the turn of the other player to wager. When all the gamblers at the poker table checked round of betting is over.


Raise poker player actions mean that the player may increase the previous bet and make other gambler to call this raise just to stay in this game. If the player decides to raise the previously made raise it is re-raise. As a rule the the raise is equal to the size of the previous raise or bet. Moreover, in some of the poker variants with the fixed-limit and spread-limit betting structures the possible number of raises in each round is set. In the no-limit and pot-limit poker games there are no any restrictions.


Such poker player actions mean to give up the hand and stop competing for the pot. So, the gambler that folds does not have to post more bets and still he/she can not win even in case his or her poker hand at last turns out to be the highest. Because the folded cards are called the muck the poker player actions to fold are also called to muck. In various poker variations the poker player may fold in different ways: to indicate this option verbally or to discard the hand face down to the pile of the cards that are not used in the game.

At poker table the regular casino chips are used unlike roulette in which one player has to wager with the chips of the same color.

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